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Meet Katie

Lead Designer and Founder

Hello! Welcome to our page! I'm the founder and lead designer here at Blooms and Twine. I started this business from a desire to do better by to-be-weds. I was frustrated by the wedding industry's exclusivity and lack of diversity and knew that there were ways I could implement good change from the inside. I wanted to show more people who shared my values, and who looked and loved like me out there. So in my business, I prioritize sustainability, inclusivity , and diversity. Luckily, I have the experience to back up my big ideas!

 Floral design runs through my blood (and not just because I've been on the wrong end of a few thorns!). Both my mother and grandmother are beautiful designers. Not only did I inherit my grandmother's antique design hardware, but I inherited her love of fine arts, gardening, and design as well. I have been so blessed to have learned from them, and I pour everything I've learned into every arrangement. I'm grateful every day that I get to make art for people in love - regardless of their age, gender, body type, sexual orientation, race, or religion, everyone deserves to feel amazing on their wedding day.

Are you a vendor or to-be-wed that wants to work together? 


Meet Tillie

Adventure Buddy and Inspiration

Hi! I'm Tillandsia, but everyone calls me Tillie! I help out around the studio by keeping mom's feet warm, running quality control on all the sticks, and modeling flower collars to make sure they're just right for my friends before they walk their humans down the aisle. When I'm not sticking my nose in all the blooms I can, I love doing zoomies at the dog park, stalking squirrels, and hiding in the bathtub from the dishwasher. 

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